Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ermat Kong Nasa Bahay

Before reading this, I want you to realize first that my mother is a woman. That’s all.

My concept of a mother was just simple; simpler as you are, a woman: the one who prepares meal and takes care of the house, the one whom fathers are hugging every night, and the one that breastfeeds their child, and often times, their husbands.

When I was a child, and obviously I was, I never remembered my parents, well that includes my mother, taught me about my assignments nor projects. I got my own grade with my own perseverance, and never depend on any one.

Perseverance. My mother taught me that you can’t rely on anything, something, or anybody. Standing in your own feet is a necessity. In life, you are the driver. You have a car to drive on your own. And when you crashed your vehicle, you had no one to blame but yourself. And when you get to where your destination is, you had the credits.

My mother as well taught me that when the world doesn’t care, it really doesn’t. So when you’re not good on something, then excel in another thing.

Excellence. She taught me that excellence is neither inheritance nor instant. It’s an attitude. Failure means failing, but not giving-up. They are different. Giving-up doesn’t give any chance of rising again and excel, not like failing. Therefore, whatever things that happen in your life, you have the obligation to excel. It’s a must.

Later on, I realized that life is unfair. My mother usually shouts at me when I went on watching Power Rangers, Dragon Ballz, HunterxHunter, and so on and so forth, saying that those stuffs doesn’t have anything to improve at me. So be realistic.

Realistic. She taught me to be realistic. Life is crucial, yet more crucial when you grow old. Living in a false fantasy is not necessary, because the world is genuine. It’s true. Life is not always a happy ending like what we often see on television. And superpower like kagibushin technique doesn’t exist in order to solve your problems. Be abrupt! So, don’t live up a life in accordance on what you see on other. They have their own writers to altercate the story; you can as well on to your life.

I thanked my mother for giving me allowance.

I thanked my mother for scolding me up when I woke up late. She’s my alarm clock, that when she starts shouting, I know it’s already 10.30 am.

I thanked my mother for being ignorant. She doesn’t really know I have low grades in my subjects.

I thanked my mother for shouting me when I do go wrong. Now I know she’s not mute; she can speak.

But I think I can’t thank them for my intelligence. After all, I think they lack brains, (not to mention because I know they can’t read this). Living the fact, that I sometimes taught I wasn’t really their son, and I’m adopted.

I know that I am a headache and a trouble to them, but I wish to enjoy them.
Now after you read this, throw it if you like. I don’t really care. I have my own copy at my flash drive.

(eh kasi, paggawa-gawa pa daw kami nang paragraph about sa nanay, hayan tuloy! ahahahaa.. Ma, Peace!!! Ganito kita ka-mahal.. Nyaks!!! Dahil tayo naman po ay may GUT-LEVEL REALTIONSHIP.. hehehe..)