Monday, July 4, 2011

All About Myself

No doubt. This is my autobiography. Of course!

Although I'm not that kind of old to look, but I'm already 19 years old. Sometimes, I was misunderstood of being a high school student. I lived far from downtown, It will took me an hour to go to school, and maybe that's the reason why I always wanted to search a room, but couldn't find any.

Oftentimes, I sit at the back not because I can’t really see in front (that's a reason as well), but because I want also to be the first to get out of the room. A teacher had told me before that not all the times, smart students are in front of the room, some they are located at the back. So don't underestimate them. That's why; I always want to stay at the back to be regarded as one. Simple. If you want to be misunderstood as a smart being, then act like one. And see, who you could deceive.

What else? Physically, I'm. Thin. Although I could eat what I want, I can't go any massive. My mother would often say that I was not in my mass at my age bracket, compare to other men. Sad to say, I was born with a weak heart. Well, I don't really care that much. I don't really care about what I look in front of the people. Compare to my elder sister and brother, I had the least gene in terms of physical appearance, but compared to them I'm the most intelligent (self-proclaim).I don't really care much about what life brings me. I just go with the flow. After all, I’m still young.

One thing, I like to listen to music. My headset is always with me, when I go around. I like to listen to music, but sad to say music doesn't like me. I'm a frustrated singer, and instrumentalist. One instrument that I had played ever since was TAMBOURINE. So sad!

When I was kindergarten, I learned to draw a stick man. If you don't know, here's how.

The first thing you will do is to draw a circle. Make sure it’s a circle not an oblong, because psychologists say that you are what you are drawing. So, make sure to make it nicer.

Next is to draw a vertical line. From the vertical line, make 2 slant lines, one to the left and one to the right. Make sure it’s a straight line.

Same as it goes to the tip of the bottom of the vertical line.

Guess what! You made a wonderful art. Why do you think I told you this? The reason?

Well, that's nothing. I just want to waste your time.

I'm intelligent. I just don't know why! I always proclaim that I'm intelligent, and my classmates before will just laugh at me. It’s a self-proclaim genuine. In my previous school, I had a Filipino teacher. And I like to annoy her. One time, while she was discussing her boring lesson, she caught me sleeping. I just realized that she called upon me, and I didn't recognize because I was in the dreamland. My seatmate had kicked me in my legs, and my teacher had called me again. For sure I’ll be having a hard time listening to her, so what I did: I still close my eyes and do a sign of the cross, after which, I told her, “Ma’am, I'm PRAYING”. My classmates had laughed at me, and my teacher didn't say anything. That's the power of my intelligence. At the end of the semester, my classmate told me that Ma’am Filipino said that I was good. Well, sorry Ma’am. I won.

Study? I'm not really studying that much, because as what I've said I'm intelligent. Take a look at this.

Study = no fail
Fail = no study

This is the reason why I usually don't study much.

I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. This course was chosen by my mother, because when I'm enrolling to college, I can't give her any course I like. Later on, I realized I like Architecture, but it's too late already. Come to think of it! I already spent three years of my college life, but I'm still a first year student. That's how funny life is.

I'm a headache to my family, although not that much. My mother would always say “Bright man ka ba! Di lang gyud ka mag-study!”. I wanted to say “Mao ganing dili mag-study kay Bright man diba?!”, but I couldn't. I'm afraid of the broomstick.

I'm acting as if I'm still younger than my age. I like to watch cartoon. And play computer games. But not that much of those, because most of the time, I'm alone at my room; SLEEPING! I like to sleep most of the time.

Some teachers are searching for the best student they can have. Students who could be the one who could termed as the best. Okay! Let them be. But believe or not, I'm also searching for the best teacher I can have. Although I'm not in the position to find one, I'm still looking forward to it. I thought I was starting to realize it from the previous university I had, but sad to say I didn't make it. And now, I'm still searching, hoping that I could meet him/her before I graduate; a teacher that could give pointers in the exam, same as pointers in life.

I’m not old enough to tell so much about life. I still need to act, like what I need to act at my stage. I don’t want to act as mature as 30 years old, or as childish as a grade schooler. But for me, life is always a matter of chances. You live; you learn. You fail; you learn. You choose to learn. Failing is not the same thing as giving up. Stand! You stand after sitting your armchair. You stand after waking up from your bed as well. So there's no reason for you not to know how to stand when you fell. Based on what I had learned in the internet, life is not a final exam that you need to answer it with TRUE or FALSE, Multiple choice, or Fill in the Blanks. Life is an essay. Erasures are always allowed.

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